Join a member

Join a member

admission fee annual fee



Consultation 12H emergency response service report adviser Various investigations
QRS member corporate membership 150,000 yen 500,000 yen
individual member 100,000 yen 300,000 yen
Seiboren member corporate membership 50,000 yen 250,000 yen
individual member

2,000 yen

12,000 yen

*Lectures and training: Up to one per year each. May be changed to two lectures or two training sessions. If transportation or lodging is required, the member must pay for it.

*Consultation: Free consultation coupons are granted (20 minutes per session). Corporate is entitled to 12 consultations, individual is entitled to 6 consultations. (thereafter, 5,000 yen for 40 minutes (including tax)).

*12H emergency response service: 10:00-22:00 (up to 20 minutes per session). Unlimited number of times. For corporate, a maximum of 3 people can use the service.

* report: Sent once a month.

Advisor: Gen, the representative of the company, is available for all kinds of consultations as an advisor. A separate advisory fee may be charged depending on the content, scale, etc.

*Various investigations: will be billed separately.

Bank transfer address

QRS membership

Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, head office, Oridinary 0734050 Account name カ)キューアールエス

Seiboren membership

Mizuho Bank, Shinjuku Branch Ordinary 3124993 Account name シャ)セイボレン


application address

After you submit your application, will contact you shortly.